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Frequently Asked Questions

Alpha Dog FAQs

1Can’t I just take an on-line CPR class ?
Tasks that involve muscle memory - such as doing CPR in a stressful situation - are best learned by doing, not just reading about how to do it. During class, we repeat the important parts of the curriculum to ensure that you remember it. The instructor is there to make sure you complete the necessary tasks correctly. When it comes to first aid, incorrect procedures can lead to dire circumstances.
2What makes The Pet Tech curriculum so good?
The Pet Tech curriculum follows the guidelines established by critical care and emergency veterinarians. As their protocol changes, so does Pet Tech’s. They are the first international training center dedicated to pet CPR, first aid, and all-around care of dogs and cats.
3Why take the class you teach?
Our instructor has worked as an emergency veterinary technician for over twelve years and brings 30+ years of pet care experience to class. She has first-hand knowledge of how important pet first aid and CPR can be when it comes to any life-threatening emergency. She will share real life stories to exemplify what you will be learning.
4Why do I need to worry, if there are vet clinics near me?
Some emergencies need immediate action in order to have an ideal outcome. We all know that people cannot live long without oxygen or a pulse, and the same goes for our pets. CPR should be started within 12 seconds of the heart stopping for the pet to survive. The longer it takes for CPR to begin, the worse the outcome. It only takes a few minutes for a pet to bleed out from a severe injury. That time it takes you to get to the nearest emergency vet can be too long for your pet to go without first aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save your pet’s life.
5Why do I need to renew every two years?
Just like human CPR certifications, you must renew every two years in order to stay up to date on any and all protocol changes.